What is cutlery polishing?

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What is cutlery polishing?

Polishing of cutlery is an action that is used in the hospitality industry. After the cutlery comes out of the dishwasher or has been washed, there always will be stripes and stains on your cutlery. This can be lime residues, soap residues or discoloration of the cutlery. Polishing is rubbing and making cutlery free of stains. The cutlery is cleaned with a dry (linen) towel and the stripes and stains disappear. This is the cutlery you can use to set the tables for your guests in your restaurant or hotel.

But polishing by hand is a time-consuming task. You grasp the cutlery in a linen cloth and rub it well with the other hand until the cutlery shines and is free of all stains. Be careful not to touch the cutlery again by hand, because then you will see the print on it again. Also, the towel should not get wet during the polishing, this causes new streaks on your cutlery. Cutlery must always be carefully checked for spots. The stripes and spots on cutlery are best visible against the light.

If you have ever polished cutlery by hand, you will have noticed that this is not the nicest job to do. And it takes an enormous amount of time to properly polish the cutlery. And that time is often not available in your restaurant or hotel. Even if you do this job so meticulously, you will not have 100% hygienic cutlery. Bacteria will always remain on the towel or cutlery. But do you also know that manual polishing can be dangerous? If you manually cutlery or glasses, you run the risk of being cut. Especially with sharp knives or glass, this can cause deep cuts. You should think of cutting muscles or tendons. Of course you don't want that!

That is why a number of solutions have been devised. The arrival of osmosis dishwashers was the first trend in this area, these rinse cutlery and glassware with lime-free water, so that it dries spotlessly. But this method also did not give the best results. Often spots still remain visible and your cutlery is not sterilized. Then the cutlery polishing machines came on the market. Hendriks Horeca B.V. was the first company to introduce cutlery polishing machines in the Benelux. Cutlery polishing machines can be found under different names, such as cutlery polishing machine, cutlery polishing machine, cutlery polishing machine, cutlery polishing machine. These are all the same type of catering equipment. A cutlery polisher takes over the manual polishing of cutlery from you.

You throw the wet cutlery from the dishwasher into the machine. The machine is filled with corn granulate. Corn granules are a natural product and biodegradable. The cutlery goes into the heated machine with the granulate. Because of the friction with the grains (granulate) and the heat, you dry and polish (polish) your cutlery. But there is also a UVC lamp in the machine. A UVC lamp is a blue lamp that disinfects your cutlery and therefore makes it 100% hygienic. Within a few seconds, your clean cutlery will be ejected from the machine and collected in a cutlery collection container. Your cutlery will also last longer with the use of a cutlery polishing machine. With this cutlery you can immediately cover the tables.

So you can save a lot of time by having a machine do the polishing! The quality and reliability of the cutlery polisher that you purchase is important. There are now many brands on the market, from China, Turkey, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany etc. We have done research with several of our customers and heard many negative stories about certain types. It appears that the lifespan is not very long, so that restaurant owners had to purchase another machine after a few years. We heard that often the result was poor, many defects, etc. But the most worrying thing was that people got power from these machines! Often these were of Chinese, Turkish, Spanish or Italian descent.

That may of course never happen! So before purchasing a cutlery-polisher, ask for the manufacturer's country, inquire with other customers who have been using the machines for more than 8 years and be well informed. This is not catering equipment that you should purchase online without the right information or the best advice!

Do you want to know more about radiant cutlery? Do not hesitate and contact Hendriks Horeca B.V.


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